The Biggest Killer of Dreams

Where Do You Get em and Is It Legal?

Why It’s Important + A Book Review

(Photo Credit: Rey Bustos)

How to Rise Above

These days it seems there are hundreds, if not thousands of online art classes. But which are the best? (Photo Credit: Image ID: 51337298 Copyright: Freddy Cahyono)

That key element is value.

Proper value turns the same flat, grey circle into a sphere no matter what medium you’re using. (Image Credit: Myra Naito)

Why It’s Important


While commissioned artwork is fantastic in terms of money and your art career, personal growth artwork is essential to prevent burnout. (Photo Credit: Image ID: 42219223 Copyright: ra2studio)

First attempt. I should have added much more layers before adding fur detail. (Photo/Art Credit: Myra Naito)

Comparing yourself to others can lead to crippling self-doubt. (Photo Credit: Image ID: 43705151 Copyright: Ion Chiosea)

Myra Naito

Freelance copywriter who is passionate about art and fitness. Check out my art blog at or follow me @mnaito_fineart .

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