Successful Resolutions for 2023

Myra Naito
9 min readJan 12

Increase Your Odds of Success

Are you making successful resolutions or do you crash and burn by February? (Artist: Unknown)

Do successful resolutions seem as far-fetched to you as Santa Claus or the Easter bunny? Year after year, people make their resolutions for the new year as the old one comes to a close. It’s a time-honored tradition, after all! For the vast majority (80–85%), their resolutions crash and burn by the end of January…perhaps mid-February at most.

But why?

Is it just a pointless exercise in futility?

(Artist: Unknown)

Symbolically the new year very clearly symbolizes new beginnings and turning over a new leaf. Some people don’t have to wait for the new year and make their goals all year long. Others stampede to the New Year’s resolution clifftop just like lemmings.

If the odds of failure are so high, what’s the point?

Is there anything that can be done to increase the odds of success?

1.Have a defined goal and a solid plan

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Your goal is like a big bullseye target. How can you aim for it if you don’t have one? Take the most popular resolution of all time…weight loss. Most people resolve to lose weight without specifics. How much weight and by what date? 3 months? 6 months? The end of the year? How do you plan on accomplishing that goal? What will you do or not do? Do you have contingency plans for when you hit a roadblock? What day of the week will you indulge in your cheat meal? Will you meal prep, buy ready-made meals, or leave your meals to chance? What exercises will you do each day?

Successful resolutions have clearly defined goals and detailed plans.

Be as specific as possible. Without a plan as a roadmap, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle and guessing all along the way. While every worthwhile goal is not without its struggles, having a plan helps you to avoid the feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness that…

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