Planning for Creativity

Myra Naito
3 min readFeb 24, 2022

Planning for creativity sounds like an oxymoron. How can you plan (something structured) for creativity (something unstructured and without boundaries)? It sounds impossible. But what I’m referring to is not as complicated as you might think.

You’re not planning creativity itself. You’re planning FOR creativity.

Planning for creativity isn’t rocket science. (Photo Credit: Image ID: 45610390 Copyright: racorn)

Here are 5 ways to keep creativity flowing:

1. Keep your drawing table free from distractions.

Now this one is relative to the artist. Some people work best with a minimalist setting, clean and sparse. Personally, I like a small amount of organized clutter. My table is full of pens and pencils and a small stack of reference photos for projects I’m currently working on. What I do try to keep off of my creative space is my cell phone and laptop (unless my reference photo is being displayed on it).

It would be prudent for you to figure out what your optimal setting is for your creative space whether it’s the dining room table or an actual studio. What degree of clutter do you do well in? This may also include putting your phone on silent or just leaving it in another room.

2. Mind your mindset.

Before you even sit down to create, have a clear goal of what you hope to achieve. Planning for creativity requires positive thinking. It’s common sense, really. How creative do you think you’d be if you went in thinking you weren’t going to accomplish anything? Even if all you have planned is a silly doodle, make it a clear goal. I’m going to do a 10 minute doodle! Your mind will accept that as fact and it will be cemented when you actually do it.

Hanging out with other artists is also great for your own mindset. Being in community with other artists is inspiring. It’s nearly impossible to not have that creative energy rub off on you. My favorite place to be in art school (besides the classroom) was the cafeteria where every person there had sketchbooks out while they were eating. That energy was palpable. Talk about priming the pump for creativity!

3. Planning for creativity should include exercise.

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