How to Photograph Your Pets

Myra Naito
5 min readMay 12, 2022
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You might think that the topic of how to photograph your pets is silly. Just pull out your cell phone and take the pic, right? Maybe, if all you wanted was a bunch of random pet photos on your phone. But that’s hardly the case if you want a photo worthy of a pet portrait.

Your pet’s portrait success will depend largely upon the images you supply the artist. It can be difficult to almost impossible to accurately capture the coloring and markings, let alone the personality of your pet if the lighting in the photo is bad or if the image is blurry. As such, I’m giving you the following tips taken almost verbatim from my How to Photograph Your Pets page. How convenient, right? Below are some tips you may find helpful in taking the best pictures possible to create the most successful portrait.

Resolution and clarity:

When it comes to the topic of how to photograph your pets for a portrait, resolution and clarity is first and foremost. Assuming that 99.99% of you are shooting with digital cameras, please make sure it’s set to the highest resolution. This will allow the artist to enlarge the photo quite a bit before it starts getting blurry. The more the artist can enlarge your photo, the greater the detail which is absolutely essential for a fantastic portrait. If you have a hard time getting a clear shot or your photos keep coming out blurry, it might be helpful to use a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod, rest your camera on something stable. This is super important! There really is no way to work around a blurry photo.


Lighting can make or break your pet’s photo. (Photo Credit:

The best possible photographs are usually the ones taken outside in natural light. Indoor lighting can cast either a yellowish or bluish tint, depending on what type of light bulbs you use. The best photos are taken on a bright but partially cloudy day. If it’s not possible to take your animal outside, try taking your pictures next to a large window. Remember, when you’re taking photographs to always keep the sun at your back.

If it’s a cloudy day, don’t worry. This light is diffused and you can usually shoot wonderful photos with minimal…



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