Do You Commit to a Daily Sketch?

Myra Naito
2 min readDec 30, 2021

Do you commit to a daily sketch? Have you considered it and backed off, maybe intimidated by the scope of 365 sketches? It’s daunting to be sure. I mean, 365 sketches is nothing to sneeze at. But as the saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Or in your case, one sketch at a time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will hopefully make the prospect a bit more manageable and not so scary.

This is a small sample of when I decided to commit to a daily sketch in 2014. Mine are pretty detailed, but are only 2"x3" in size. (Artist: Myra Naito)

Remember, it’s just a sketch!

These aren’t meant to be masterpieces. Sketches are rough. They can even be doodles. This was something that really slowed me down because even my sketches are pretty refined and detailed (I can’t help myself). But sketches can be as simple as line drawings, scribble drawings, gesture drawings, and other types of sketches that take only a few minutes.

Give yourself a time limit.

It’s not surprising. We all lead busy lives. If this sounds like you, give your daily sketch a time limit. Take away social media for 15 minutes and do a sketch instead. If time runs out, don’t worry. 15 minutes was the goal and you did it. There’s nothing written anywhere that says a sketch has to be an hour long ordeal. Remember the last tip…it’s just a sketch and 15 minutes is doable no matter how busy we are.

Don’t limit your subject matters.

Literally sketch everything! If you have a massive collection of shoes, sketch one pair a day. If you’re sitting at your work desk, sketch office supplies. Or, if you’re at the park, sketch trees, people, dogs, or whatever else you see there. Commit to a daily sketch of anything and everything.

You can commit to a daily sketch!

These are simple but powerful solutions that could get you on your way to pulling off a daily sketch. It’s just a sketch. You can limit the time spent on each one. And everything is fair game for a sketch. If you decide to commit to a daily sketch, consider posting to social media with #dailysketch and take your place among other daily sketch artists.

Myra Naito

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