Charging By the Hour for Your Artwork

(Image Credit: Vladimir Mucibabic

Here’s why you should never answer that question…

Let’s say you charge $250 for an 8”x10” portrait. That’s in the ballpark of what other artists are charging for similar work. If it takes you 20 hours, you are making $12.50 per hour. If it takes you longer because you’re going for hyper or photorealism, let’s say 40 hours, you’re only making $6.25 per hour. Can you see how you’re the one getting screwed there if you look at it that way? It’s not even minimum wage.

Some Things to Consider When Pricing:

  • Your name/reputation
  • Quality of work
  • Quality of Supplies



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Myra Naito

Myra Naito

Freelance copywriter who is passionate about art and fitness. Check out my art blog at or follow me @mnaito_fineart .