The Importance of Perspective in Art

Stop Trying So Hard!

Art Skills Not Required

Do art and grief ever cross paths? What about art and anxiety, stress, depression, frustration, etc.? Art is often overlooked as a means to work through tough times.

Though I’ve never officially had an art therapy session, this collage of X-Men (© Marvel) characters was one I drew for a therapist who wasn’t quite understanding the intensity of the emotions I was feeling. The drawing proved most effective.

It can be rather effective especially in art therapy sessions run by a licensed therapist. Even if you don’t have access to…

I did my fair share of charcoal drawings in art school. I wasn’t a big fan of the dust that ended up everywhere. On the days of the classes that required charcoal, I always wore black. There was no other way to get around messing up your clothes otherwise.


Are you selling out by selling your artwork or committing a major faux pas by even considering putting a price on your work? How dare you call yourself an artist!

Of course I’m laughing and rolling my eyes as I type that.

The idea of being a sell out for selling your artwork is ridiculous. Even the Old Masters like Da Vinci and Michelangelo got paid. (Photo Credit: Image ID: 164933154 Copyright: benzoix)

I’m not even sure where in history that…

Myra Naito

Freelance copywriter who is passionate about art and fitness. Check out my art blog at or follow me @mnaito_fineart .

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