October is a key month for the art challenge known as Inktober. Daily prompts for the month of October created by artist, Jake Parker. I’ve participated a few times and had immense fun each time. This particular challenge grows worldwide every year…it’s a challenge and it’s fun! It’s also a great way to improve your skills.

But if you’re not the inking type, what’s an artist to do?

Photo Credit: 123RF.com Image ID: 45610390 Copyright: racorn

Well, initially I wasn’t the inking type either. But I saw the great stuff other artists of all levels were posting and I couldn’t resist. And even though I have my fair…

Breaking the Rules

As an art student, drawing anatomy is part of the curriculum. A previous post, Draw What You See, covered one of the first things that was taught in art school. The primary reason was that most students rarely study the object in front of them and try to draw it based on memory or on what they think they know about the object. The results were less than ideal. In that post, I hinted at being able to break that rule…once you’ve mastered it, of course.

Vetruvian Man — Based on original by Leonardo da Vinci — (Photo Credit: 123RF.com ID: 27226524 Copyright: omnimages)

The thing that makes drawing anatomy special is that there is a formula to…

Photo Credit: 123RF.com Copyright: Mykola Nisolovskyi

Why are wine and art classes so popular? I know, I know. A lot of you out there might be thinking, “Um, hello? Wine!”

Seems pretty straight forward, but most people completely shy away from art of any kind because, as we all know, they can’t even draw a stick figure. Why would they go to a wine and art class when they can just open up a bottle at home and not have to do any work? And yet, so many people flock to these classes and drag a friend with them.

The introvert personality is often overlooked by the rest of the world. By nature, they are the ones who mostly listen rather than speak. They can be criticized for not being more gregarious or outgoing like their extrovert counterparts. But the truth of the matter is, there is room for both. And that’s fantastic. Introverts make up one third to half of the planet’s population. Some of the biggest contributions to arts, science, engineering, and society in general, have come from introverts.

Photo Credit: Pixabay — StockSnap

An inc.com article from 2015, listed 23 of the most successful introverts in history. Among them are names…

It Can Be a Challenge

Drawing on the go can be harder than it sounds for a number of reasons. But for those bound and determined to do it, they’ll find a way.

Drawing on the go means you don’t ever have to go without drawing. (Photo Credit: 123RF.com Copyright: rasstock)

The preferred method is by using a sketchbook and pen or pencil. MY preferred method has always been pencils, but that posed the problem of smearing and smudging. On my daily commute, if I wasn’t drawing, my sketchbook would be in my backpack where it would be jostling about with other items in there. That movement would be enough that the pencil would rub off on the adjacent page and my drawings…

The rules of drawing composition sound boring from the get-go, doesn’t it? Rules generally do make one groan and roll their eyes. But bear with me. These rules are the fundamentals of better art.

Do you need to follow all of them all of the time? Maybe in the beginning. At least until you understand them inside and out. After all, you can only break the rules once you know them like the back of your hand.

I’ll be illustrating the rules with photos, but you would compose your drawings in the same manner. …

Doodling for beginners. You might be thinking, “Isn’t all doodling a beginner thing?” Unfortunately, I think most people think of doodling as a type of nonsense art for people who can’t draw. I’ll admit that I was probably part of that crowd. Or maybe at the very least, I thought it was just silly little drawings that students or employees did when they should have been paying attention to the lesson or meeting taking place.

(Photo Credit: 123RF.com Image ID: 19416618 Copyright: bloomua)

Turns out, some doodlers take their art quite seriously and their doodles can get quite elaborate. But don’t let that hold you back! Doodles can…

Ink blot art might seem silly and juvenile. It is silly and maybe a bit juvenile, but who cares? If you’re feeling stuck creatively, then it’s worth it to let loose and do silly things to snap out of it. There’s even an artist that I know of who gained a decent YouTube following doing daily ink blot monsters.

Stefan G Bucher, creator of Monster a Day videos.

His name is Stefan G. Bucher. He’s got twelve thousand subscribers and some of his 1–2 minute Monster a Day videos have more than 200,000 views. He’s nearing 3,000,000 total views for his collection of videos.

Not bad for “juvenile” art…

Not Just for Artists

Art for stress relief is not a new thing. People (other than artists) have been doing it for ages. And naturally, it’s been a go-to for artists. Every time I work on a commission, it might also serve as a stress reliever. In many ways, art for stress relief and art therapy are similar. I would say the main difference is that under the term art therapy, one would focus their art specifically on healing some type of trauma under the watchful eye of a licensed art therapist.

screaming stressed out woman
screaming stressed out woman
Every day stress can really wreak havoc on our overall health. Art for stress relief can help lower cortisol levels. (Photo Credit: 123RF.com Image ID: 31733833 Copyright: Antonio Guillem)

In a previous post, Art Therapy Ideas, the idea was more attuned…

There is a Method to the Madness

Knowing how to shade when drawing is important if you want your artwork to look believable. What types of shadows are there? Where do shadows fall?

First, let’s discuss the anatomy of highlights and shadows. There are five basic types:

  1. The highlight is the brightest point of light that falls on an object.
  2. Form shadow. The shadows begin and grow darker as the form of the object moves away from the light source. This will be a gradation of shadow from the lightest shadow to the darkest, which is known as…
  3. Core shadow. This is the darkest portion of the…

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